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Preparing for the Classification – Collaborative Space Session 1:
Establishing processes and resourcing the Classification process
This session is specifically designed for those institutions who are considering applying for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. The workshop will include an overview of the Carnegie framework, some tips and learnings from the pilot universities, and will include time to ask and answer questions.

If your institution is part of the Network for Community Engagement and Carnegie Classification Australia, we strongly recommend joining us for this session and encourage you to bring your questions. The workshop will have a participatory approach, where everybody will have the space to ask, comment and connect.

If your institution is not part of the Network, you can join us. This session will help you understand what is involved in the classification process and meet other member institutions who will work with us in this endeavour.

Date and time: 10th of May from 12.00pm to 1.30pm
(AEST: Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne)

Cost: Free

Registration link:

Networking Session:
Network for Community Engagement and Carnegie Classification Australia Community of Practice
Join this session and connect with other members of the Community of Practice. The session will have a participatory approach, where you will be able to interact with others in breakout rooms.

As part of the Network for Community Engagement and Carnegie Classification Australia, we are building a Community of Practice to strengthen and grow this work area. The Community of Practice looks to engage with every professional, academic, researcher, community partner, or anybody interested in Engaged Scholarship or Community Engagement.

* If you would like to lead a topic discussion or share the work being done in your institution, please contact

Date and time: 19th of May from 10.00am to 11.00am
(AEST: Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne)

Cost: Free

Registration link:

Workshop: Empowering Respect and Relationships
The session will be held by the founder of Aboriginal Insights, Jolleen Hicks, who will deliver her well known and high-value cultural awareness workshop to help you improve your community engagement practices with Aboriginal Communities.

Learning in an open, honest forum, to discuss, ask questions and gain an understanding of how Indigenous and non-Indigenous can work together whether it be within workplaces, community, not-for-profit sectors, education, and health.

Topics discussed in this workshop includes:
* Setting the Scene
* Rapport Building
* Aboriginal Insights Definitions
* Diverse Aboriginal Cultures
* Truth & Reconciliation
* Stereotypes & Assumptions
* Respect & Relationships

Date and time: 25th of May from 1.00pm to 5pm
(AEST: Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne)

Cost: Limited number of tickets
Carnegie Member universities and their community partners: 10% discount using your institution’s access code
Standard: AUD $315.59

Registration link: