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Meaningful Evaluation Workshop: a ‘Right-brain’ approach to understanding & assessing outcomes

Meaningful Evaluation (ME) is an approach to understanding social impact that uncovers the extent to which participants in any given program experience its activities and outcomes as ‘meaningful’ in terms of personal growth, connection, reciprocity, and creativity. ME acknowledges the importance of focusing on the subjective experience of participants, enables the identification and assessment of the sustainability of any outcomes, captures the inner process of change and any unintended consequences from participation in a program. ME can complement existing evaluation frameworks to ensure a more systemic and holistic approach to social impact assessment.

The workshop will be conducted by Dr Gianni Zappalà, Associate Professor and Professional Fellow at the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion UTS.

Topics discussed in this workshop include:

  • Limitations of current approaches to outcomes measurement
  • An introduction and overview of ME
  • The key assumptions underpinning ME
  • Measuring meaning within ME
  • Program design using ME
  • ME in practice: case studies of how ME has been used

Date and time: 
9th of November, from 10 AM to 2:30 PM (Sydney time)
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