Influence Engage Lead #6000

Influence Engage Lead #6000

The 2015 IAP2 Australasia Conference promises to be one of the most stimulating and relevant conferences for engagement professionals in many years.

Presenters from across Australasia will be presenting on current engagement issues directly relevant to infrastructure, planning, emergency services, local government and the resources sectors.

These include:
•             The policy drivers for community engagement in public infrastructure planning
•             Urban planning in coastal areas and sustainability planning
•             Managing impacts and evaluating performance in infrastructure projects
•             Community connect: The relevance of heart and mind in co-design
•             From confrontation to collaboration
•             Tracking changes in stakeholder engagement capabilities
•             Evaluating what matters to stakeholders
•             City of Melbourne $4 Billion participatory budgeting process
•             Building your own engagement framework
•             Community relations in a world of coal seam gas: A personal account
•             Relationship-centred engagement: A framework for the future
•             Building an engagement culture within your agency
•             Policy drivers for community engagement
•             The future of participatory democracy

Speakers from the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Indonesia will also offer their perspectives of engagement practice at an international level.

Our innovative conference program encourages participants to build their own conference experience by mixing and matching presentations across the three themes of influence, engagement and leadership.

Those that are new to community and stakeholder engagement can focus on engagement and influence while more experienced practitioners can focus on leadership in engagement practice.

There is also the opportunity to learn what is working well for others from across a diversity of sectors including health, environment, consulting, state government and utilities.

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