ATEM Awards for Excellence in Best Practice NOW OPEN!

ATEM Awards for Excellence in Best Practice NOW OPEN!

The Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) Awards for excellence in best practice are now open.

We are very excited about the ATEM Awards this year as Engagement Australia are sponsors of the Excellence in Community Engangement Award. This award recognises excellence in engagement endeavours and rewards Increasingly academic institutions who seek to make a impact in the space of engagement, linking teaching and research endeavours to the broader community.

The Excellence in Community Engagement Award covers projects in the area of engagement that are carried out by the University or organisation for communities both internally and externally. Types of projects applicatants could enter with include service learning, engaged research or community development projects.

If you have been involved in any of these these types of projects – or have worked within a team who has – and can also prove project outcomes, wins and gains and quantifiable benefits then we think you should enter the Engagement Australia Excellence in Community Engagement Award for 2017!

 There is also a potential opportunity for the three shortlisted applicants for the award to present their work at the Engagement Australia Conference being held this July 20-21 in Adelaide, SA. So why not try your luck and submit yourself or team of colleagues for the awards.