Community of Practice & Capacity Building

The Carnegie Community Engagement Network

The Carnegie Community Engagement Network brings together community members, third sector practitioners, professionals and academics who have an interest in partnered approaches to furthering public good.

Our community works together to build knowledge and practice, and further the field of engaged scholarship.

The Network offers two modes of engagement:

Community of Practice

The Community of Practice for the Network for Community Engagement and Carnegie Classification Australia is an open group that looks to engage with every professional, academic, researcher, community partner or student who is interested in Engaged Scholarship or Community Engagement. Even if your institution is not a paid member of the Network, you can join the Community of Practice.

We look forward to creating a strong and committed community where we can learn from each other and up-skill in areas related to engaged scholarship, community partnerships, impact evaluation, and other professional development areas that members are interested in.

If you would like to be part of this community or would like to hear more about it, please fill out this form with your details

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Membership to the Carnegie Community Engagement Network is open to higher education institutions that are interested in furthering public good through partnership with communities. Member institutions gain access to an extensive array of capacity-building opportunities for their staff and community partners. Membership also offers a pathway to Classification, accompanied with targeted guidance and scaffolded support