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Why Join Engagement Australia?

We offer inclusion to a unified group of passionate engagement professionals around Australia and New Zealand, up-to date resources and research sourced on your behalf, networking opportunities with the best engagement leaders in the world, seminars and masterclasses for ongoing learning and development, opportunity to share the success of your programs with members, award submission assistance and updates on industry news and advancements.

We help engaged universities to develop and support their staff and provide a central base for everything engagement.

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Who Should Join Engagement Australia?

  • Universities and organisations with a focus on engagement.
  • You’re wanting exposure to some of the best engagement professionals both in Australia and globally.
  • You are looking for inspiration to help you integrate with the community you operate within.
  • Businesses wanting to connect with tertiary providers to grow opportunities and scope.
  • You would like to participate in focused engagement networking events.
  • International tertiary providers wanting to get an edge or opportunities within Australian & New Zealand communities.
  • You’re interested in sharing your work and hearing about member stories and engagement programs.
  • You’re wanting regular updates of academic advancements and innovations in engagement.
  • You need additional resources to help foster engagement within your community.

Is Your University Already a Member?

If your university is already a member of Engagement Australia, academics, professional staff and students receive access to all of the EA resources. Not sure if your university is a member? Check the list here.  

Membership Fees

We have memberships options for individuals, organisations and Universities based on their student numbers.

PLEASE NOTE: membership benefits are open to ALL staff and students at university member institutions.

University Member Fees

  • Number of Students (actual students enrolled)

    Fee (inc (GST)
  • Band 1: Less than 10,000 students

  • Band 2: Between 10,001 and 25,000 students

  • Band 3: Between 25,001 and 45,000 students

  • Band 3: 45,000 and above


Associate Member Fees

  • Category

    Fee (inc GST)
  • Other Education Providers (Australian/International)

  • Business/Industry/Government

  • Individuals (Including students, academics and professional staff)


Membership structure valid from January 2024
All memberships are by calendar year (January – December)

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