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Engagement Australia is an alliance that supports and services its members and their various communities. Our membership includes 70% of Australian universities as well as private colleges, academic and professional Associate Members.

Community engagement allows universities the opportunity to play an important role of social responsibility in the local and broader vicinity they operate within.

Our main objective is to lead and facilitate the development of best practice university-community engagement in Australia. This is done through creating inclusive forums for discussion and development of engagement, promoting practice, fostering awareness, building capacity and developing resources. Through the work of our Board, committees and working groups, EA provides an array of professional development activities as well as networking opportunities to develop engagement knowledge, skills and capacity and build interactive networks, partnerships and other relationships within and between universities, business, industry, government and community-based organisations.

Engagement Australia – Committed to fostering engagement between higher education and communities.

Championing unique role universities have in society addressing contemporary challenges through teaching, research and partnerships.

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Leading the Engagement Agenda

Engagement Australia champions the unique role universities have with society to address contemporary global challenges and trends through teaching, learning, research and partnerships. We do this by:

Providing and inspiring leadership;
Developing capacity and future leaders;
Enabling peer-learning;
Providing practical tools and tips; and
Providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge creation.

Engagement Australia supports the wider contextual standard definition of community engagement, previously developed by the US-based Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, which has succeeded in codifying the core characteristics and principles of community engagement.  It defines Community engagement as a method of teaching, learning and research that describes interactions between universities and their communities (business, industry, govt, NGOs, and other groups) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.





“The hallmark of engagement is the development of partnerships that ensure a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge between the University and the community.” Holland and Ramalay (2008:33).

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