What We Do

Universities & Other Tertiary Providers

Community engagement allows universities the opportunity to play an important role of social responsibility in the local and broader vicinity they operate within. The increasing precedence of social responsibility means that universities need to take on a bigger role addressing this. Increased community engagement provides value and interest to students, encouraging both their want to enrol in a university, actively participate during enrolment and also provide them with an encompassing positive university experience which is critical to the educational responsibility of our universities.

We provide your staff with optimal opportunity to grow and develop their skills and knowledge around community engagement while we undertake continual and ongoing research into the field of community engagement. We also contact and liaise with other members of the community on your behalf, including business, industry and government to ensure all stakeholders needs are addressed.

  • Contact and lobby Government on your behalf to ensure we all working towards the best outcomes for our stakeholders
  • Provide your staff and students with opportunities and updated resources
  • Develop networking opportunities and events to provide value to your staff
  • Award submission assistance
  • Contribute towards research development
  • Opportunity to feature across EA’s communication networks
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Staff of Universities and Tertiary Providers

We provide you with the opportunity for continual and ongoing development and alert you when advancements or new research has been finalised in our field. We highlight to you new resources and keep you up to date with notable community engagement work being completed by other members. We provide you with the opportunity to showcase your own program and research efforts and discounted access to our events run throughout the year.

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  • Provide you with updated learning and academic resources
  • Access to our twice-yearly academic journal
  • Discounted tickets to annual conference and member only networking events
  • The opportunity to share your research or project with across our communication channels
  • Speaker opportunities for conference, Engage at Lunch etc.
  • Submit paper entries to the Transform article for review
  • Access to add events to calendar listing


We help your university to grow and develop programs which will help to develop you as a student and give you the best learning opportunities and career prospects. As a student of a member university, you will also receive the following:

  • Access to academic resources
    • Transform Journal
    • Recommended books and other resources
  • Ability to sign up and receive the Engagement Australia monthly newsletter
  • Event and networking opportunities
  • List of programs at member universities to enrol in
  • Opportunity for ideas and work to be seen, shared and heard across our social media and EDM platforms
  • Ability to converse and post in the EA Linked In Group, enabling you to join in and facilitate relevant discussion.
ACE Program

Community groups, Councils, Schools and Businesses

If you are interested in working with a university or tertiary education provider near you for a program you have an interest to begin or to expand a current program and are unsure of where to begin please contact Engagement Australia and we will help to point you in the right direction. We can provide you with:

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  • The opportunity to partner or pair you with a tertiary provider who can provide you the most value and introduce you to relevant people at member organisations.
  • We can communicate to our tertiary members on your behalf through our communication channels
  • The opportunity to attend networking events to grow on your ideas, offering or relationships with university/tertiary specific contacts.
  • Can utilise our member only forum to post and discuss with other members