Engagement, Co-design and Innovation with First Nations Communities Workshop

Engagement, Co-design and Innovation with First Nations Communities Workshop

This four-hour workshop will provide participants with a grounding in approaches to engaging with First Nations communities.

The workshop is based on TACSI’s experience of co-design and innovation with First Nations groups which includes the development of policy, service design, governance design and development of community strategies.

Facilitated by Aunty Vickey Charles, TACSI’s Aunty in Residence and Chris Vanstone, TACSI’s Chief Innovation Officer, the workshop will cover:

    • Frameworks for embedding cultural considerations into your work
    • Frameworks for engagement and co-design processes developed for Aboriginal communities
    • A framework for Allyship
    • Case studies of successful engagement with First Nations Communities

About the facilitators:

Aunty Vickey Charles: Aunty in Residence, TACSI

Aunty Vickey Charles is an Alawa/Mara woman from the Northern Territory who grew up in Adelaide from the age of 18 months, due to government policy at the time.

She has spent her life raising awareness of Aboriginal Australia through her lived experience and work in government and not-for-profit sectors.

Aunty Vickey has led TACSI on our cultural learning journey, to become a more culturally competent and culturally safe organisation. Her work includes taking new-starters through a cultural induction, developing the Cultural Canvas that ensures TACSI projects begin grounded in the cultural context, and playing a key role in TACSI developing a Reconciliation Action Plan.

Chris Vanstone: Chief Innovation Officer, TACSI
Chris started his career designing biscuits and razors before transitioning into social innovation over 20 years ago.

As TACSI’s CIO, he’s responsible for keeping TACSI at the cutting edge of social innovation, playing a big role in the development of our practice, major initiatives and strategy.

Chris’ goal is to democratise social innovation. He’s always striving to get important concepts into the world in ways that are clear.

About TACSI:

TACSI is The Australian Center for Social Innovation. They have over 14 years of hands-on experience putting social innovation into practice across systems in Australia. They are strategic partners, capability builders, consultants, connectors, and facilitators, and are passionate about partnering with people, communities, philanthropy, communities, government, NGOs, and businesses to tackle Australia’s biggest social challenges.

If you want to learn more about them, please visit their website here.

Cost: $150 (AUD + Booking Fee)

Contact us:

If you have any questions about the session or the Carnegie Community Engagement Network, please contact carnegie@engagementaustralia.org.au