Member Benefits

By becoming a member, your institution will have access to:

Capacity Building opportunities:
Six workshops are offered annually on topics relating to engaged scholarship. Examples include:

  • Engagement and Indigenous Communities
  • Evaluation
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Inclusive Facilitation

Each member institution receives 2 free admissions for their academics, professional staff or community partners. Additional tickets can also be purchased at a discounted rate.

Scaffolded support for Classification
Member institutions have access to 6 sessions dedicated to work on the Classification application. Each session covers a different section of the application framework and provides space for troubleshooting and problem-solving between members. Institutions attending these sessions will connect and interact with other members who are also engaged in the process classifying.

Annual Event: Celebrating Engaged Scholarship
The Network holds an annual conference for showcasing and celebrating engaged scholarship work in Australia. Member Institutions will be invited to host and participate in the planning of the annual event and will be offered a platform to showcase their work. They will also receive 10 free entries as part of their membership. Additional tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Leadership Opportunities
Member  institutions are offered the opportunity to lead capacity-building or Community of Practice sessions to showcase their work and/or expertise in topics relating to engaged scholarship.

Higher Education institutions that are ready to submit their classification will undertake a submission review process (additional fee applies). If successful, institutions will receive their Classification as  official recognition of their contribution and promotion for their achievement.

Membership Pricing

An annual discounted fee of $7,500 provides institutions benefits that surpass this financial value.

For those institutions seeking Classification, an additional $2,500 is required for the classification year.