Autumn Newsletter 2020

Autumn Newsletter 2020

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Insights From Engagement Australia Leadership Forum

The 2020 Engagement Australia Signature Leadership Forum themed ”A burning world: generational change or apocalypse?” brought senior university leaders together to hear from an international panel of experts. Valuable insights were gained from this forum especially on how engaged universities in Australia might respond to the current climate crisis and emergency.

Many speakers expressed their belief that Engagement Australia should take a lead on supporting the Australian higher education sector in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Engagement Australia were now strongly positioned nationally and internationally to ‘network the networks’ for the benefit of Australian universities that aimed to implement the Sustainability Goals in their institution.

All speakers agreed that there was a connection between what might appear to be disparate things; between global economics and the need to re-invent the public sphere and university’s sense of place and space. Participants went further to assert that there now exists an opportunity for universities to come together and join forces to express a unified and more powerful voice to government(s), industry and community through a new higher education prism designed to enact the UN SDGs.

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