Co-design with and for Communities Workshop

Co-design with and for Communities Workshop

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Wed 9th August 2023, 12 pm to 4 pm (Sydney time)

Join us for a 4 hours workshop, facilitated by Chris Vanstone, TACSI’s Chief Innovation Officer, and Dr Simone Mandl, Principal of Regenerative Communities, to explore in some depth TACSI’s approaches to community consultation and co-design.The focus will be on 1:1 and small group engagements, in both face-to-face and online modes. The approach will be underpinned by TACSI’s perspective that good consultation:

  • Thrives on relationships
  • Creates safe-enough and brave spaces
  • Builds on what’s known
  • Strengthens what’s been started
  • Tests assumptions

TACSI will draw on their experience of working with communities often marginalised by mainstream systems to understand the current situation, surface alternatives, and test potential solutions. TACSI’s experience includes consulting with rural communities, Aboriginal communities, communities that have experienced bushfires, communities struggling with mental health, multicultural communities, younger people, and older people.

The session will include:

  • An exploration of mindsets and practices for good consultation and co-design
  • A variety of project case studies at different levels of participation
  • Takeaway frameworks and tools you can apply to your projects
  • The opportunity to raise challenges you face in your own work

*Please note this session has limited seats.

Price: $150 AUD + GST and booking fees
Registration link:

*If you work, study, or partner with a university member of the network you can access this session with a discount. Please get in touch with your Carnegie representative or email for more information.