Engage At Lunch – E-DNA – CQUniversity’s Engagement Database

E-DNA CQ University

Engage At Lunch – E-DNA – CQUniversity’s Engagement Database

E-DNA – CQUniversity’s Engagement Database

21st August 2018 at 1:15pm AEST

Prof Pierre Viljoen
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement, Campuses & Mackay-Whitsunday Region)
CQUniversity Australia

Ms Carole Dawes
Executive Officer (Engagement and Campuses)
CQUniversity Australia

Engagement has, for many years, been entrenched in CQUniversity’s vision, mission, strategic plan and organisational structure and is integral in influencing the direction of core activities across education and training, research and innovation and service. Engagement is truly CQUniversity’s DNA! As such, it is essential that the University be able to ‘track’ and ‘measure’ current, as well as ongoing, activities related to its engagement agenda.

In 2011, CQUniversity developed a customised electronic database (E-DNA) to capture its engagement activities. With the launch of a more advanced system (E-DNA II) in 2015, the database has amassed approximately 10,000 entries to-date.

E-DNA, so named to capture the fundamental role that engagement plays within CQUniversity (its DNA), is an interactive web based platform. It is a self-report system that allows staff to record, save, edit, print and view engagement activities in a user friendly tab-based environment, where “common” data, such as name, unit etc, is automatically populated from existing University systems.

CQUniversity’s ability to track engagement data over the past seven years has resulted in benefits to individual staff from a career and professional development perspective, and the University through the ability to review and maximise partnerships, measure performance, and increasingly, serving as a repository of data for government and sector based reporting.

During this session, E-DNA will be showcased and discussed, giving participants an insight into CQUniversity’s journey with engagement data-basing to-date


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