Q&A Session with Professor Jim Nyland

Q&A Session with Professor Jim Nyland

Q&A Session with Professor Jim Nyland (Chair, Engagement Australia)

18/07/2018 at 1:00 AEST

Get to know our new Chair and log-in online for a lunch time session with Professor Jim Nyland and his views on the future of engagement in higher education, opportunities and challenges.

Jim holds a Doctorate in Education and has published research covering curriculum change, the nature of learning and the impact of modernity on educational opportunity.  Professor Nyland’s work has been international in scope and he has developed programs in the UK and Australia as well as keynote academic papers in Ireland and South Africa.  He is particularly interested in extending our knowledge and capacities in ‘new learning’ both in work and professional settings and in communities which are in transition and face challenges. He is Editor of the new Australian journal Transform: Journal of Engaged Scholarship and contributes to current educational debates and issues in regional and national publications.

“Engagement remains the next Big Idea on the horizon in higher education.  Its vitality is at the heart of improved education and research outcomes for universities.”



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