Griffith University Logan Campus: deeply connected to community

Griffith University Logan Campus: deeply connected to community

When Griffith University’s Logan campus was founded twenty years ago, there was an explicit commitment to making a difference in Logan by building strong partnerships between the University and business, industry and services in the region – engagement was in its DNA.

Over those twenty years, Logan has become one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, situated strategically between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  It is a young, culturally diverse community, with 217 cultures and 50% of the population aged 30 and under. It is also characterised by low participation rates in tertiary education and challenged by social disadvantage.  But there is a real sense of community both within the Logan region and on Griffith’s Logan campus, as everyone works together to make a positive difference.

The campus is already deeply enmeshed within its community. It hosts a major collective impact project, Logan Together; works in partnership with a flourishing local social enterprise, Substation 33; provides an innovation and entrepreneurship seminar series which sees more than 100 local business people on campus each month; runs a three day schools innovation challenge in partnership with local schools; and hosts major events such as the city’s EcoAction Festival which attracted more than 10,000 people. This year has seen the establishment of the Yunus Social Business Centre and the Regional Innovation Data Lab at Logan. And this is only a sample of all that we do.

The next twenty years provide an unparalleled opportunity to build upon these strong foundations – for Griffith Logan to act as a catalyst in the creation of a flourishing community.

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