‘It Takes a Town’ and Southern Cross University

‘It Takes a Town’ and Southern Cross University

‘It Takes a Town’ and Southern Cross University collaborate on a theory of social change.

One in five children is living below the poverty line in postcode 2484 northern NSW, a postcode which lies within the Southern Cross University footprint.  It Takes a Town is a community development project operating within the 2484 post code area based around Murwillumbah. It Takes a Town is building a stronger, more cohesive and healthier community in order to vicariously improve children’s well-being.

The purpose of the collaboration with Southern Cross University is to develop an approach to community development that is informed by evidence-based practice for working with families, social science research, asset-based community development, and social capital theory, amongst other approaches.

Since 2016, Dr Liz Reimer has provided expertise to the project, leading the development of the ‘It Takes a Town’ logic model and projects on parenting challenges and social cohesion.  Liz has been coordinating the research and evaluation program, conducting research projects, working with a group of retired/semi-retired academics and others interested in research, on research and evaluation activities for It Takes a Town.

“Southern Cross University has value-added immensely to our shared mission, by providing the research expertise that other partners don’t have.  In fact, it was Liz Reimer’s recommendation that we approach the Vincent Fairfax Foundation in the first place for funding – this led to $430,000 funding being secured. Since then, Liz’s involvement has led to It Takes a Town’ s promotion through international journals and conferences. She is helping us identify what qualitative and quantitative data is essential to gather in order to communicate the story of It Takes a Town’ in a way that can have impact beyond the scope of our own community” Carmen Stewart – It Takes a Town’.