Limitless at Bond University

Limitless at Bond University

It is common to find Bond University alumni milling around beneath the iconic Arch, especially during the annual Homecoming to be held this year from May 18-21.

Some are on their toes, others on their knees, all poring over 1.5 tonnes of stainless steel.

The stunning 6.5m sculpture Limitless bears the names of 26,727 alumni who graduated between 1989 and 2019.

But Limitless is part artwork, part puzzle. The names are engraved in a somewhat random manner, so finding yours can be a challenge – although Alumni Centre staff will give you some hints if you ask.

What they won’t do, however, is show you how to find the secret message also engraved on the sculpture, designed by Gold Coast artist Ian Haggerty.

Limitless was installed in 2019 to mark the 30th anniversary of Bond University and it took two cranes to place it beneath the Arch which itself was designed by Pritzker Prize winner Arata Isozaki.

A globe forms part of Limitless’s design, representing the 140 countries from which students have been drawn.

Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Tim Brailsford said Limitless symbolised the University’s global outlook, its ethos of innovation, its focus on its students and its pride in their achievements.

“All of our students over the past three decades are part of the Bond University story and this sculpture is a perpetual recognition of their journey with Bond.”

Limitless has become a favourite meeting spot on campus, a backdrop for graduation photos, and a place of pilgrimage for returning alumni – especially those who couldn’t quite find their name the first time.