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Melbourne Pollen Count at the University of Melbourne

Melbourne Pollen Count at the University of Melbourne

The Melbourne Pollen Count at the University of Melbourne, provides Victorians with daily pollen updates and a forecast service, assisting those living with hay fever and asthma to better manage their allergies.

After the world’s largest, most devastating thunderstorm asthma epidemic event, in Melbourne 2016, the research team partnered with the Victorian Government and the Bureau of Meteorology to increase awareness of grass pollen levels across the state in a bid to prevent similar tragedies. This partnership allowed the data collection to expand with five new pollen monitoring sites installed in 2017.

The team utilise cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, digital technologies and citizen science to publish crucial information on their websitemobile application and social media accounts from October to December, to improve the health of those living across Victoria. Alongside the publication of research and news relating to grass pollen, the mobile application enables the public to participate in the research process by inviting them to rate and submit their hay fever symptoms. Almost 37,000 people have contributed data so far.

Each year, the Melbourne Pollen Count delivers alerts regarding thunderstorm asthma on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services, which has been a vital service for the many Victorians with asthma.