Transform Issue 5: September 2020 | The New Normal for Higher Learning

Transform Issue 5: September 2020 | The New Normal for Higher Learning

WELCOME – The New Normal for Higher Learning

The third decade of the 21st century is proving to be a time of great challenge and change for higher learning. The global pandemic we speak of as coronavirus has been declared a force majeure. It overrides previous considerations and requires the cancellation of what we know and have accepted as ‘normal’. It comes in the footsteps of Australian environmental catastrophes such as droughts and bushfires. It may yet come to be seen as another harbinger of the impending crises of global warming, sea level rises and pollution of our lakes, rivers, seas and land on a truly gargantuan and world scale. It follows the persistence of the unresolved ‘wicked issues’ (Firth, V. Transform: 2018) which bedevil our societies and debase our cultures. We are talking about debilitating poverty, overpopulation, and obscene and bizarre inequalities of housing, income, health and death and disease rates, which give the lie to the simple notion that we are all in this together and we all live in one world!

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Summary of Articles

Article 1 – Climate grief, expert evidence, and academic practice
Kate Harriden, Dr Jessica K. Weir and Associate Professor Kim Cunio

Article 2 – Real time curriculum: community engagement’s role in contributing to the public square
Associate Professor Billy O’Steen

Article 3 – Building relationships, transforming institutions: the University Multi-Faith Centre as a vehicle for community engagement
Dr Brian J. Adams

Article 4 – Viewpoint: The purpose of universities in the 21st century: a Vice-Chancellor’s perspective
Vice-Chancellor and President of UTS, Professor Attila Brungs, interviewed by Associate Professor Tamson Pietsch

Article 5 – Viewpoint: The future of health professions: this viewpoint explores opportunities for revolutionary change in healthcare education
Professor Lambert Schuwirth, Gillian Kette and Dr Julie Ash

Article 6 – Case Study: Healing together: integrating health expertise into our community during times of need
UNIVERSITY OF CANBERRA: Rachel Harrigan and Grace Bryant

Article 7 – Case Study: Raising higher education access and success for care leavers under COVID-19
LA TROBE UNIVERSITY: Associate Professor, Andrew Harvey and Naomi Tootell

Article 8 – Case Study: Capacity building to engage foreign research partners in a post-COVID-19 world
USC: Dr Libby Swanepoel, Professor Nicholas Paul, Professor Mike Rimmer and Dr Silva Larson

Article 9 – Case Study: Reconciling institutionally embedded community engagement and agility: Australian Catholic University and the ‘new normal’
AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY: Dr Matthew Pink, Dr Jennifer Azordegan, Professor Sandra Jones and Ms Lisa Lavey

Article 10 – Case Study: Collaborating in a time of crisis: the Australian pilot of the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

Article 11 – Case Study: Up close with community engagement: a critical reflection on its pedagogical value
NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE: Associate Professor Siok Kuan Tambyah and Dr Kankana Mukhopadhyay

Article 12 – Case Study: Reflections from members of UNE’s School of Education on the new normal
UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND: Professor Sue Gregory, Dr Jenny Charteris, Dr Adele Nye, Mr Tim Bartlett-Taylor and Associate Professor Robyn Cox

Article 13 – Article Reprint: Social enterprise and sustainable development in the age of acceleration
Emeritus Professor Geoff Scott