Transform Issue 6: June 2022 | The Goals of a 21st Century University

Transform Issue 6: June 2022 | The Goals of a 21st Century University

WELCOME – The Goals of a 21st Century University: Engagement Challenges for Australian Higher Education

These days a university’s engagement is a kaleidoscope. It extends far and wide and reaches into schools, colleges, industries, commerce, research and development, and  employment of almost every kind.

Universities are ubiquitous throughout communities in every land. The sheer and simple presence of universities in public life is a fact of astounding proportions on a world scale: whereas once universities were a refuge from normal life, where young people in particular delayed their entry into work and ‘real life’, they are now engaging with the question of what their social purpose and function is in a fast changing and uncertain world. Universities are everyone’s business.

Summary of Articles

Article 1 – Engagement matters in a post-pandemic world
Professor John Dewar AO

Article 2 – ‘Civic Washing’? Really?
Professor Sharon Bell AO

Article 3 – Launch of the Australian Carnegie Community Engagement Classification
The Hon. Verity Firth and Mitra Gusheh

International Article 1 – Higher Education and COVID-19 Global and local responses
Professor Ira Harkavy and Rita A. Hodges

Case Study 1 – 30 minutes a month program

Case Study 2 – The Alliance for Suicide Prevention program 
University of the Sunshine Coast

Case Study 3 – Better beginnings: Making a difference through long-term participatory research engagement
Edith Cowan University

Case Study 4 – Internation Centre for Point of Care Testing
Flinders University

Case Study 5 – Social worker in schools 
University of New England

Case Study 6 – Award winning ideas bringing telehealth into community
The University of Queensland