Spring Newsletter 2019

Spring Newsletter 2019

Summary: Engagement Australia Conference 2019

By EA Chair Jim Nyland
The ‘Great Transformation to Come’ 

Reflecting on the range, the reach and the depth of contributions made to this ground-breaking conference it is striking just how far we have come in defining and shaping a concept of engagement. Universities in Australia are building the future as part of a new economic and social order and the scope of issues and themes addressed at this year’s conference was literally breath-taking. From the intellectual issues of a post-truth world to university communities, towns and cities of future Australia; and from action strategies for economic development to the meaning of civic life – the 80 strong senior university leaders and practitioners in attendance at EA’s conference were treated to insightful, stimulating and at times controversial debates and ideas.

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The 2019 Engagement Australia Conference: The Role of the Civic University in Australia: The making of a City Region took place in August.

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