Civic universities: a new accord between universities and their communities

Civic universities: a new accord between universities and their communities

Date:  Friday 24 February
Time:  8.30am to 12:30pm
Location: National Convention Centre, Canberra
Cost:  IRU and EA Members $95 (plus booking fee) / Non members $195 (plus booking fee)

In 2023, the Australian Government has committed to a new Australian Universities Accord, starting with the first broad review of the higher education system since 2008.

Across Australia, universities deliver major social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits for their communities. But we lack a systematic way of capturing these important societal impacts.

This event – a joint initiative of the Innovative Research Universities and Engagement Australia – focuses attention on this civic role of universities and opportunities for lasting reform to maximise the public value of our public universities.

A panel of international and Australian speakers will address questions such as:

  •  How do universities understand the needs of their communities and reflect these in their strategies?
  •  What is the right balance between focusing on local needs and broader national and global issues?
  •  How do we go beyond a focus on research commercialisation and industry to include university partnerships with all sectors in society?
  •  What kind of system should we have to evaluate engagement and impact, and to encourage and support university staff to engage with their communities?
  •  What specific changes to policy and funding do we need in the Universities Accord to support the civic role of universities and to maximise public good impacts?

Join us for a lively discussion that will develop ideas and policy recommendations for the Accord process.

2023 marks 20 years since the formation of both Engagement Australia and the Innovative Research Universities. The Innovative Research Universities (IRU) is a group of public universities across Australia committed to inclusive education and innovative research that advances our communities. Engagement Australia champions the unique role universities have with society to address contemporary global challenges and trends through teaching, learning, research and partnerships.