‘The New Normal’ – Call for Contributions

‘The New Normal’ – Call for Contributions

TRANSFORM – The Journal of Engaged Scholarship provides a platform for engaged scholars and practitioners.  We, the editors, would welcome contributions (academic articles, case studies and opinion pieces) to our next edition which will be a joint Issue, focusing on the virus threat and the ecological disaster(s) facing us.  This strikes us as a really vital theme for Australian universities and the edition will be titled ‘The New Normal’ (what must it be and which crisis is it addressing?).  If you would like to submit a piece for this Issue please contact us at the link below.

Possible themes are that the crises of current life point to:

  • the desirability of something we might call ‘An Ecology of Learning,’
  • the need for recognition of place and locality,
  • the importance of imaginative and subjective experience for successful learning,
  • our need to understand the ecological issues and our cosmos through science and rationalism , rather than religious fundamentalism and superstition,
  • fear of the loss of community,
  • the need for critical thinking rooted in social analysis,
  • the need for a Slow World in the newer capitalism now emerging from the partial wreckage of the old.

We hope you find the following article The University’s Social and Civic Role: Time for an Appraisal published in the current edition of Transform of interest.

If you would like to contribute to the next edition ‘The New Normal’ please contact us at admin@engagementaustralia.org.au

We look forward to hearing from you,
Professor Jim Nyland Editor
Professor Joanne Scott Deputy Editor